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HAGEN a.T.W. - Horses and Dreams meets Japan Sports Edition 2021

HESTER Carl (GBR), En Vogue
CDI 4* Grand Prix
Qualifikation für Grand Prix Special
Preis des Gestütes Vorwerk

Hagen a.T.W., Hof Kasselmann
23. April 2021
© Lafrentz

Dressage is the ultimate expression of a horse and rider working in harmony.

Their swan-like poise and grace disguise their emotional intensity and obsessive attention to detail. Performed in a serene setting, spectators watch in quiet awe, respectful of the skill and dedication of those striving for beauty and perfection.

How the medals are decided

The very best dressage horses and athletes from all over Europe are expected to come to Hagen a.T.W. to compete for top honours and precious medals. On the first two days the Grand Prix determines the winners of the team medals. All riders also aim to qualify for one of the 30 starting places in the second round, the Grand Prix Special, where the first individual medals are decided. Only the top 15 combinations proceed to the Grand Prix Freestyle for the final individual title decision. 

Individual and team medals are also awarded in the FEI Dressage European Championship U25. First on the program is the team decision at Intermediaire II level. Then follows the first individual decision in the Grand Prix, which is specially adapted for 16 to 25-year-old riders. The 18 best combinations from this test are allowed to compete in the final individual decision in the Grand Prix Freestyle to music.

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