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Hagen a.T.W.

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Hagen am Teutoburger Wald, or Hagen a.T.W for short, is a picturesque little town in West Germany, in the region of Lower Saxony. Completely surrounded by the Teutoburg Forest, it offers one of the most magnificent landscapes to explore, as well as charming festivals, and historical buildings. The town’s landmark structure is the Parish Church Martinus, now the place for many concerts or other artistic pursuits.

Hagen is beautiful all year round, but especially during the cherry blossom season; this is where the widely known name "Kirschenhagen" comes from.

In Hagen a.T.W. you can always discover little treasures. Numerous small shops and a relaxed atmosphere make a shopping trip around Hagen a.T.W. so special. Here, people still take their time for top customer service or a little chat. From a delicious breakfast brunch, a cute ice cream parlour to a stylish evening menu — in Hagen a.T.W. you will always find a tasteful experience. Click here for more information.